Julian's Pension - B&B

We provide a family friendly, homey atmosphere that caters towards MTB'ers, hikers, outdoor & nature enthusiasts, and those looking for English speaking accommodations while visiting Yatsugatake.

What's with all the stock photos? Our pension just completed major renovations at the end of May, 2019. We are still in the process of taking new photos. We hope to elimate the need for stock photos by the end of the season. Thank you for your understanding.


Julian's Pension is a large western style home located in the Fujimi Kogen Pension Village.
Visitors to our pension can enjoy English speaking accommodation, hearty homemade meals and desserts, cozy petite bedrooms, and a warm, large shared living space.


Fujimi is home to one of Japan's largest MTB parks Fujimi Panorama MTB Park.
Additionally there are many local trails and fireroads that make for great riding for any skill level.

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Other activities: Museums, boutiques, shopping centers, restaurants, farmers markets, onsens, shrines and places of cultural and historical interest.

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